Sweet Dash of Sass |Liebster Award


SWEET DASH OF SASS | LIEBSTER AWARD 2013 I am so excited to have been nominated by Jessica from Jessie Cakes (<--- click on name for direct link!)  for the Liebster Award!  She is a fellow blogger and has some very tasty sweet treats featured on her page - from cookies, to cakes, to brownies, and even Healthy Bakes!  Definitely check it out and follow her blog!  Thanks Jessica!!!  What does Liebster mean?  It's a German word that has several definitions such as dearest, sweetest, kindest,

Dirty Dozen!


If you are like me and cannot afford to buy fully organic produce, here is a great tip sheet showing which fruits/veggies have the highest in pesticides.  Dirty Dozen / Clean 15 --- Also, I highly recommend buying Organic Milk.  Not only is it healthier, but it also lasts longer than the regular stuff. Definitely shop around when it comes to buying organic produce.  I guess that is one of the biggest perks about living in California.  There are so many different avenues for getting organic