Day 10 – Chocolate Butterscotch Cookies


Day 10 - Christmas Cookie Style In case you missed yesterday’s ‘Day 9 Cookie’ post for Toffee Bars, CLICK HERE!  Today’s {NEW} cookie recipe is Chocolate Butterscotch Cookies. These are amazing!  Especially if you LOVE brownies.  These cookies almost come out of the oven looking like little brownies - the tops have that dry flaky top like a brownie.  But, they are no where near dry on the inside.  They are soft and chewy just like a brownie.  Then, the butterscotch gives it a perfect

Brownie Bottom Cheesecake


In a previous blog (Chicken Broccoli Alfredo Stuffed Shells), you might recall my first dinner that I ever made for my now husband.   I had mentioned, if that dinner failed, at least I could win him over by my dessert.  My husband loves 2 desserts:  brownies and plain cheesecake.    I thought, what if I were to combine his two favorites into one?  However, there was one problem.   I had never made a cheesecake from scratch in my life.