Upside Down Pizza Casserole


This is a perfect dinner option for those late work nights when you are short on time.  (Which is typically how my work days are!)  Just cook the ground beef, throw some of your favorite pizza toppings on top, assemble, and let the oven do the work!  

Green Bean Casserole with Bacon

Green Bean Casserole with Bacon -

Growing up, I would always hear people talk and rave about green bean casserole, but it was something that my grandparents/parents never made for the holidays.  When it came time for me to host my first Thanksgiving, I decided to add this recipe to the menu.  I even decided to take it one step further by adding some bacon!  Yum....  Needless to say, I didn't have ANY leftovers of this dish!  And now it's my Dad's favorite dish.  This will definitely be on our Thanksgiving table this year!

Dutch Apple Pancake


      I made my first Dutch Pancake back in 8th grade Home Ec class.  I had some apples on hand and thought this would be a perfect mash-up.  Usually Sunday's are my husband's day off work.  I typically will make a breakfast this day instead of the usual cereal, oatmeal, or toast that we have during the week.  We absolutely loved this apple pancake - FYI -- it's definitely a sweet breakfast! Dutch Apple Pancake   Print Author: Sweet Dash of Sass Recipe type: Breakfast

Cheese Ravioli Casserole


I first made this meal a few years ago for a potluck.  Everyone loved this dish at the party and couldn't believe how easy it was! Such a simple meal that can be assembled in advance until you are ready to bake.  This week I was debating on what to make for dinner and thought this would be a perfect option.  After baking, I realized this was the first time my husband would be trying this dish.  He gave two thumbs up! Cheese Ravioli Casserole   Print Author: Sweet Dash of Sass