Meyer Lemon & Poppyseed Cake


This week, my neighbor gave me several Meyer Lemons from his friends tree.  I was super excited to make some new "sweet" recipes with these lemons.  This was the first lemon recipe that I made with them.  It was super delicious and had tons of flavor!  I dusted with powdered sugar for the picture, but it also tastes great with a powdered sugar glaze.  This was recipe was adapted from Alaska from Scratch. I have plenty more lemons to make some more recipes with.  I'm definitely open to any

Sass 101: What is a Buddha’s Hand?


I know what you are thinking...what is this thing?  That's exactly what I thought as I was standing in the grocery store.  Tons of questions started running thru my mind like:  What is this?  What is it called? What do you do with it? Can you eat it? According to the sign at the store, this was Buddha's Hand.  I immediately thought I needed to buy one for my next Sass 101 blog! Name: Buddha's Hand, fingered citron What is it? It's a citron.  Citron fruits are fragrant, but unlike