Baked Greek Chicken

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  I know everyone has one of those moments where they are standing in the kitchen with the refrigerator door wide open, waiting for dinner to be handed to them.  That's me most work nights.  This is when I wish I could turn into Mary Poppins and snap my fingers and suddenly dinner would magically appear ready on the table.  This is one of those dishes you can prep and let marinate while you are at work.  Then, pop into the oven as soon as you get home.  By the time you change, wash up, and

Stuffed Cheesy Shells


I absolutely love Pasta and one of my favorite pasta dishes (and my husbands) is Stuffed Shells.  This year, since we spent Christmas at home in California, we decided to start a tradition and make stuffed shells on Christmas Eve as our Special Holiday meal.  We both enjoyed this dish.  Just looking at these pics make me want some now.  Maybe I could surprise my hubby and make this as our Valentine's Day meal?  :)  I know for most of my dishes I state it's super easy to make.  This really is.