Stuffed Cheesy Shells


I absolutely love Pasta and one of my favorite pasta dishes (and my husbands) is Stuffed Shells.  This year, since we spent Christmas at home in California, we decided to start a tradition and make stuffed shells on Christmas Eve as our Special Holiday meal.  We both enjoyed this dish.  Just looking at these pics make me want some now.  Maybe I could surprise my hubby and make this as our Valentine's Day meal?  :)  I know for most of my dishes I state it's super easy to make.  This really is. 

Cheese Ravioli Casserole


I first made this meal a few years ago for a potluck.  Everyone loved this dish at the party and couldn't believe how easy it was! Such a simple meal that can be assembled in advance until you are ready to bake.  This week I was debating on what to make for dinner and thought this would be a perfect option.  After baking, I realized this was the first time my husband would be trying this dish.  He gave two thumbs up! Cheese Ravioli Casserole   Print Author: Sweet Dash of Sass