Speculoos Cookie Butter and Cocoa Cookies


Day 21 - Christmas Cookie Style In case you missed the ‘Day 20 Cookie’ post for Nutella Filled Cookie Cups CLICK HERE!   Today’s {NEW} cookie recipe is Speculoos Cookie Butter and Cocoa Cookies. If you have never seen or heard of Speculoos Cookie Butter.  You definitely have to check it out at Trader Joe's.  It's basically crushed up cookies into a paste, that's spreadable like peanut butter.  It's great on ice cream or even on it's own.  Last year, I happened to make Speculoos Chocolate

Chocolate Chip Speculoos Cookies


Day 1:  25 Days of Christmas - Cookie Style If you know what Speculoos is, you will LOVE this cookie.   After seeing it at my local Trader Joe's and hearing the workers rave about this product, I knew I had to make the purchase.  I am now a fan, as is my husband!  My husband loves it directly out of the jar or even over ice cream.  When it came time to baking, I thought to myself - I wonder if I can just replace this for peanut butter in a recipe?  After searching thru some recipes via