DIY Chex Mix

DIY Chex Mix -

I love Chex Mix.  I prefer it over Potato Chips any day.  Plus, there are so many varieties to buy in the stores now from Sweet to Savory.  However, have you noticed the prices lately?  If it's not on sale, you could be paying up to $3.99 for a small bag.  YIKES!  With that said, I haven't had Chex Mix in a while. It never crossed my mind that I could attempt making Chex Mix from scratch until our friend Julie introduced us to her homemade version during the holidays.  It's soooo good! 

Super Bowl Fun Facts

Super Bowl Sunday Fun Facts

Super Bowl XLIX Seattle Seahawks vs. New England Patriots It's that time of year!  "Super Bowl Sunday" ~ the annual championship game of the NFL.  It is actually considered (by some) an unofficial American national holiday. The trophy is made by Tiffany & Co and stands almost 22 inches tall. It is worth more than $25,000. It's the 2nd largest day for U.S. food consumption, after Thanksgiving Day! Here is an estimate of what will be consumed this Sunday: 1.25 billion chicken

Cucumber Dill Cocktail Sandwiches

Cucumber Dill Cocktail Sandwiches - the perfect make ahead appetizer (no oven required) for your next party!  Super Easy.

Looking for a super easy appetizer to make for your next party?  This tasty recipe is for you!  Especially if you do not want to turn on the oven - the perfect summer appetizer. The one thing I miss about living in Ohio:  my house parties with my family and friends.  I would always have at least 2 big parties each year.  Once for the holidays and the other in the summer!  Usually around the time of our birthdays (since they are only a week apart). One of my friends happened to bring this

DIY Citrus Salt


DIY Citrus Salt As you know, flavored salts can be very pricy in the store.  Did you know that you can make you own and save tons of money?  How many times have you used the juice of a lemon, lime, or even an orange and didn't do anything with the rind, but throw it away?  Don't throw it away!  You can make your own flavored salt or even sugar!! Citrus salt is great on meat, fish, and veggies!  You can also use it to rim your cocktail drinks!  Or swap out the salt with sugar and make a

Pepperoni Ring


Looking for a unique and tasty appetizer to make at your next gathering?  This will be a sure hit among your guests!  It's similar to a Monkey Bread, but pulling bits of garlic bread/pepperoni goodness.  Highly recommend!