Let’s Do This! — Hawaii, Here we come!

One evening back in June, Bob and I felt like we needed a vacation or something to look forward to after a crazy summer. Last year around this time, I went to Oahu and Maui for work (Bob happened to join me on that trip, as I added on a few extra days to venture the islands). We absolutely had a blast and I remember we said how great it would be to retire there.

So when we started pondering ideas of where to go, we immediately said Hawaii. We almost felt like going to Maui again, as there was so much more we wanted to see and do there. Instead, we decided to go to another island – “The Big Island.” The one thing Bob said he really wanted to do was seeing a volcano!

It worked out perfect – I had enough travel air miles and hotel points for both of us to go for free!   The only costs we have to worry about is food and activities! Can’t go wrong with that.

That’s the perks to traveling a lot for work. However, with every perk, there is typically a downside. The downside: being away from home/loved one. The last 6 weeks have been pretty crazy for not only myself, but for Bob as well. The timing of this trip couldn’t have come at a perfect time. We definitely needed a getaway for us. Some time to relax, reconnect, go on an adventure in a new area….

Out of office is on … Check!

Bags are packed … Check!

Flight was on time … Yes!

Let’s do this!

Unfortunately, Bob and I didn’t have seats next to each other. Which was okay, because it gave me some “me” time. Time to mentally erase that mile long to-do list … Watch the beautiful sunset from my window seat …. And watch a few “chick” flicks on the flight.

Sunset - www.sweetdashofsass.com

And now, as I look at the time, I’m starting to get excited. I turn around and smile as I see Bob a few rows back. Flight will be descending soon and vacation will officially begin.

Follow us along our adventure over the next week. I plan on taking lots of photos with my handy, dandy iPhone. Of course, I will showcase the food, but I will also bring you into our overall adventure for the week.

So, sit back and relax, and hope you enjoy hearing about our adventure.

Hawaii Adventure - www.sweetdashofsass.com



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