DIY Chex Mix

DIY Chex Mix -

I love Chex Mix.  I prefer it over Potato Chips any day.  Plus, there are so many varieties to buy in the stores now from Sweet to Savory.  However, have you noticed the prices lately?  If it's not on sale, you could be paying up to $3.99 for a small bag.  YIKES!  With that said, I haven't had Chex Mix in a while. It never crossed my mind that I could attempt making Chex Mix from scratch until our friend Julie introduced us to her homemade version during the holidays.  It's soooo good! 

DIY Taco Seasoning

DIY Taco Seasoning - Gluten Free and No Preservatives

Tacos are definitely a regular dinner rotation for us each week.  We usually alternate between chicken or ground beef.  Over the years, I have always bought those seasoning "packets" from the store.  However, have you ever looked at the back of the packet?  There is a lot of sodium and unhealthy preservatives.  Especially lately, I have been trying to eat "clean."  Honestly, I have noticed a big difference over the last few weeks in just how I feel. (And I have even lost a few pounds!)

DIY Flag Door Wreath


DIY Felt Flag Wreath Super Easy!!! Because my Valentine's Day wreath and St. Patrick's Day wreath was so easy.   I thought it would be perfect to do the same concept for a Flag Wreath that I could use for Memorial Day / 4th of July!  This is a perfect craft to do while watching TV. 

DIY Citrus Salt


DIY Citrus Salt As you know, flavored salts can be very pricy in the store.  Did you know that you can make you own and save tons of money?  How many times have you used the juice of a lemon, lime, or even an orange and didn't do anything with the rind, but throw it away?  Don't throw it away!  You can make your own flavored salt or even sugar!! Citrus salt is great on meat, fish, and veggies!  You can also use it to rim your cocktail drinks!  Or swap out the salt with sugar and make a

Extra Dash of Sass

Heart Wreath -

Aside from cooking, I also love doing craft projects from time to time.  I figured I would house any of the crafts I complete this year under the header "Extra Dash of Sass." If you are on my main Sweet Dash of Sass site, you will see a tab at the top titled "Extra Dash of Sass."  Once you click on "Extra Dash of Sass", it will link to images of all my completed crafts so far.  To view Step-by-Step Instructions, just click on the image! Yesterday, I completed my first holiday craft!  A