Roasted Golden Beets


In my last 'Farm Fresh to You' box, I was so excited to receive Golden Beets!  Two reasons:  1) first time trying Golden Beets and 2) I've always wanted to try a roasted beet as I heard they are tasty!  I thought that is exactly what I was going to do with this batch of beets!  These were super easy to prep, no mess like a red beet, and were super tasty.  I will definitely be incorporating Beets in recipes from time to time.  Can't wait to try a Roasted Red Beet!  I happened to make this as a

Baked Honey Mustard Sriracha Chicken


This was one of those dishes that was created by grabbing whatever ingredients I already had in my fridge to make a quick and healthy marinade!  This is a perfect recipe to put together before heading out the door for work and then just pop in the oven when you get home!  Quick and easy.  Chicken came out moist and had so much flavor.  I served the chicken with Roasted Golden Beets , but can easily go with any other veggies or even rice!  This recipe will definitely be going in my recipe box and

Dirty Dozen!


If you are like me and cannot afford to buy fully organic produce, here is a great tip sheet showing which fruits/veggies have the highest in pesticides.  Dirty Dozen / Clean 15 --- Also, I highly recommend buying Organic Milk.  Not only is it healthier, but it also lasts longer than the regular stuff. Definitely shop around when it comes to buying organic produce.  I guess that is one of the biggest perks about living in California.  There are so many different avenues for getting organic

Homemade Cheese Crackers

Homemade Cheese Crackers - -- Check out and 'LIKE' Sweet Dash of Sass on Facebook and Follow @SweetDashofSass on Instagram for this recipe and many more!!

Whenever possible, I have been trying to avoid foods with all the preservatives or unknown ingredients on the label.  My mom had a bowl of crackers on the table and I couldn't stop munching on them.  They were so tasty.  When she told me she made them from scratch, I was so impressed that I had to attempt to make another batch with her.  The best part: most of the ingredients I always have on hand in my kitchen.  Highly recommend these!!  Much healthier without all the preservatives. Homemade

Persian Cucumber Yogurt Dip

Cucumber Yogurt Dip -

This is a very healthy dip that is typically served with basmati rice and meat in Persian meals.   In Persian, it's called Maast-o Khiar.  Growing up, my mom would always make this side dish to go with our Kabobs.  However, you can easily enjoy this with pita bread or crackers as well!   Persian Cucumber Yogurt Dip   Print Author: Sweet Dash of Sass Recipe type: Appetizer Ingredients 1 (17 oz) container of Greek Yogurt, such as Fage brand 3 small Persian Cucumbers ¾